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2012 NEW&High Quality OEM Pillow Block Bearing UCP210

2012 NEW&High Quality OEM Pillow Block Bearing UCP210
Product Detailed

Pillow block bearing
1.16 years experience
2.professional pillow block manufacturer
4.OEM service

Pillow block bearing
1.16 years experience
2.professional pillow block manufacturer
4.OEM service



Standard Duty, high shaft height with set screw lock. Available with:


Set screw or eccentric locking collar. Corrosion resistant housing and bearing options include Cast iron, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic, and Nickel plating. B-type seals or L3 triple lip seals available for extra sealing needs. Wide inner race bearing Available with high temperature bearings.UCP:
1) UCP201, UCP202, UCP203, UCP204, UCP205, UCP206, UCP207,
UCP208, UCP209, UCP210, UCP211, UCP212, UCP213, UCP214
UCP215, UCP216, UCP217, UCP218, UCP305, UCP306, UCP307, UCP308, UCP309, UCP310, UCP311, UCP312, UCP313, UCP314, UCP315, UCP316, UCP317, UCP318, UCP319 

2) UCF201, UCF202, UCF203, UCF204, UCF205, UCF206, UCF207,
UCF208, UCF209, UCF210, UCF211, UCF212, UCF213, UCF214,
UCF215, UCF216, UCF217, UCF218, UCF305, UCF306, UCF307, UCF308, UCF309, UCF310, UCF311, UCF312, UCF313, UCF314, UCF315, UCF316, UCF317, UCF318, UCF319 

(3)UCFL201, UCFL202, UCFL203, UCFL204, UCFL205, UCFL206,
UCFL207, UCFL208, UCFL209, UCFL210, UCFL211, UCFL212,
UCFL213, UCFL214, UCFL215, UCFL216, UCFL217, UCFL218, UCFL305, UCFL306, UCFL307, UCFL308, UCFL309, UCFL310,
UCFL311, UCFL312, UCFL313, UCFL314, UCFL315, UCFL316,
UCFL317, UCFL318, UCFL319 

UCFC: UCFC201, UCFC202, UCFC203, UCFC204, UCFC205, UCFC206,
UCFC207, UCFC208, UCFC209, UCFC210, UCFC211, UCFC212,
UCFC213, UCFC214, UCFC215, UCFC216, UCFC217, UCFC218 

5) UCC201, UCC202, UCC203, UCC204, UCC205, UCC206, UCC207,
UCC208, UCC209, UCC210, UCC211, UCC212, UCC213

6) UCPA201, UCPA202, UCPA203, UCPA204, UCPA205, UCPA206,
UCPA207, UCPA208, UCPA209, UCPA210, UCPA211, UCPA212,



Pilow block bearing/ Bearing housing
1.Pillow Block:P1,FL,PA,F,FC,T etc

2.Packing:colorful packing or according to customer's requirement.

3.Quality standard:ISO9001:2008
Models available:
1) Insert bearings:
ISO type: UC, SB, SA
SKF type: YET2, YEL2, YEL2-2FF, YAR2, YAR2-2FF
NSK type: 1000, 1200, 1100, 1300
2) Housings: P, F, FL, M, T, etc.

Bearing no.

 1) UC201-218 series
 2) RB201-218 series
 3) SB201-212 series
 4) SA201-211 series
 5) UE201-211 series
 6) HC204-212 series
 7) UK205-217 series
 8) UCP201-218 series
 9) UCF201-218 series
10) UCFL201-218 series
11) UCPA201-213 series
12) UCFC201-218 series
13) SBPP201-207 series
14) SAPP201-207 series
15) SBPF201-207 series
16) SAPF201-207 series
17) SBPFL201-207 series
18) SAPFL201-207 series
19) SBPFT201-207 series
20) SAPFT201-207 series
21) SER201-212 series
22) AEL series
23) CSA series

 INSEET BEARING UNITS model numbers   

SAPP201 SBPP201-8 UEPF205 SBPF201-8
SAPP202 SBPP202-10 UEPF206 SBPF202-10
SAPP203 SBPP202-9 UEPF207 SBPF202-9
SAPP204 SBPP203-11 UEPF208 SBPF203-11
SAPP205 SBPP204-12 UELPF205SBPF204-12
SAPP206 SBPP205-14 UELPF206SBPF205-14
SAPP207 SBPP205-15 UELPF207SBPF205-15
SBPP201 SBPP205-16 UELPF208SBPF205-16
SBPP202 SBPP206-18 UELPF209SBPF206-18
SBPP203 SBPP206-19 SAPF201 SBPF206-19
SBPP204 SBPP206-20 SAPF202 SBPF206-20
SBPP205 SBPP207-20 SAPF203 SBPF207-20
SBPP206 SBPP207-21 SAPF204 SBPF207-21
SBPP207 SBPP207-22 SAPF205 SBPF207-22
SAPP201-8SBPP207-23 SAPF206 SBPF207-23
SAPP202-10UCPF203 SAPF207 UCPFT205
SAPP203-11UCPF205 SAPF209 UCPFT207
SAPP204-12UCPF206 SAPF210 UKPFT206+H2306
SAPP205-14UCPF207 SAPF211 UEPFT206
SAPP205-16UCPF209 SBPF201 SBPFT201
SAPP206-18UCPF210 SBPF202 SBPFT202
SAPP206-19UCPF211 SBPF203 SBPFT203
SAPP206-20UKPF205+H2305 SBPF204 SBPFT204
SAPP207-20UKPF206+H2306 SBPF205 SBPFT205
SAPP207-21UKPF207+H2307 SBPF206 SBPFT206
SAPP207-22UKPF208+H2308 SBPF207 SBPFT207


Pillow block bearing




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